Włodzimierz Pawlak

The painter, the performance artist, the poet and the art theoretician, pedagogical 15 April 1957 given birth in Korytowie near Of Żyrardów, lives in Korytowie and Warsaw. In 1972-1978 years he studied at the secondary technical school, simultaneously developing painterly interests in the art centre. From 1979 / 80 participated in takes-over of the Rajmunda workshop Earthly on the Department of the Painting of the academy of fine arts in Warsaw as the unenrolled student. In years 1980-1985 studied in this studio, staying in it to the diploma. From 1986 he is a teacher in the Department of the industrial design of the parent college. As the student in the end 1982 still became a Gruppy member. He was a participant almost of all her exhibitions and the action, with coeditor of the letter "ow well already" which placed poems, manifestos, texts of readings in. Together from Gruppą 80 participated in an independent artistic movement of years. In this period he was prove himself to be the sensitive artist on of entangling social and political of time of the martial law. He commented on the found situation reaching for the simple, hitting directly use of metaphors, like in the cycle "Pigs" (1983), whether symbolic of processing a five-pointed star how, in insults the Red bus is setting off on a journey around world, Road from the hell to the hell (1984).

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