Jerzy Nowosielski

One of most important Polish painters 2. halves of the 20th century. 7 January 1923 was born in Cracow. 21 February 2011 died there.
Jerzy Nowosielski in 1940 started studies in Kunstgewerbeschule in Cracow. In 1942 St Jan Chrzciciel stayed for the not quite year in the Lavra near Lvov. He studied there art of the painting and history of icons. On his return to Cracow in 1943 he established another contacts with the circle of the future Group for Krakowska. After the war in ASP in Cracow under direction Prof. Eugeniusz Eibischa continued studies (1945-1947). On and for Modern art exhibit in Cracow in 1948 / 49 showed images held in the current the geometrical abstraction. In years he didn't take the socialist realism out, dealing at that time with the film set and the painting of the Orthodox church and churches. In 1955 in Łódź he presented his first one-man show, in 1956 a participation in XXVIII took the Biennial in Venice. In 1957-1962 years he was a teacher at the State college of the plastic arts in Łódź, next at the Cracow Academy, where laid Paintings out in the Department for the retirement in 1993. In the second half of years 50. achieved the characteristic style of acts, landscapes and figurative stages in interiors which owed to his fascination for the icon and experience with the sacred painting. The artist universally was regarded as the authority in field of art rooted in spiritual values.

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