Zdzisław Beksiński

Outstanding painter, photographer, sculptor. He is one of the finest Polish contemporary painters. In Sanok 24 February 1929 was born. In 1952 he graduated architecture in on Krakowska Technical University, returned to Sanok, where worked in wzorcowni of industrial local Factory of railroad Cars. From 1955 he dealt with painting, sculpture, graphics, and from 1974 with exclusively a painting. In 1964 in the Orangery of Warsaw Bathrooms he had the first exhibition. At the end of years 70 became famous for series of images about the characteristic, unrealistic subject matter which alone named "foto-grafowaniem of vision". In 1977 he moved to Warsaw. In years thanks to the dealer of Piotr Dmochowski his images hit 80 to Paris galleries. In years 90 as a result of the recession and the change of the state of the market in Poland, Beksiński retreated from the cooperation with Dmochowski. He lived and worked in Warsaw, taking care of the painting and creating the computer graphics, there 21 February 2005 was also murdered.

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