Stefan Gierowski

Stefan Gierowski of 1925 DOB yr, Częstochowa. Representative of the contemporary painting avant-garde, on ASP in Cracow at Zbigniew Pronaszko and Karol Frycz, from 1976 an ASP professor studied in Warsaw. From 1949 he lives and is working in Warsaw. He practised the figurative painting at first. He isn't conferring titles on his works, but is calling them "Insults" and is numbering with Roman numerals. Images of Stefan Gierowski are being inspired with abstraction of the type informel and with art postkonstruktywistyczną, but it won't be possible fully to categorize them to some of these styles. Stefan Gierowski is also being described with name of the continuator of the school koloryzmu, thanks to the searched game of invoices and colours. In years 60. his works moved closer to directions wizualistycznych, in years 70. however devoted the greater attention to the interaction of colourful fields. In years 80. seeking art forms which could act as verbal notions at his works reached it ("painting the Ten Commandments", 1986). Many group members of artistic Gruppa come from his studio. Stefan Gierowski is a winner of the Award for them. of Jan Cybisa of the artistic work awarded for the entirety (1980) and Awards for them. of Kazimierz Ostrowski for outstanding achievements in the field of the painting (2005).

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